Tire Rotation Services

Tires might be one of the most important non-engine components of your car. Let’s face it, without tires, you wouldn’t have a functioning car, so why not treat these pieces of equipment with the most care and compassion?

Tires take on every pothole, are what stops the car once you hit the brakes, and take a beating year-round. None of this is good for your tires, but simply part of the job.

To ensure your vehicle’s tires are effective and safe, Ethan’s Honest Automotive suggests a bi-annual tire rotation service to ensure your tires are working to the best of their ability here in the Cache Valley.

Why Tire Rotation is Important

There are three main reasons tire rotations are important for your tires, and they are as follows:

Tire rotations maximize the life of your tires

You can ensure that there is a less likelihood or a tire popping (from wear and tear) and that the treads will last longer as well.

Tire rotation improves grip and the ride performance

You will start to notice your ride feeling a bit rugged if you do not rotate your tires regularly and this can also affect how much gas you use and other factors of your vehicle.

Tire rotations evenly distribute the wear on your tires

If you do not rotate your tires, then they will wear out pretty quickly, but a tire rotation will allow an even distribution on your tires to make sure no part of the tire has been getting more damage than others.

How Tire Rotation is Completed

The tire rotation process at Ethan’s Honest Automotive comes in three easy steps:

  1. The tires of your vehicle are rotated and examined to make sure all are still working at an effective level for driving.
  2. Lug nuts are then re-added and tightened to the specific level and torque provided by each vehicles specific manufacturing levels.
  3. Tire pressure is evaluated, and air will be added to ensure all four tires are reaching the specified tire pressure level given by the car manufacturer.

We want to ensure all tires are at the same level of tread-depth and if some tires are at a different level than others, we will arrange your tires in a way to not affect your driving or safety. This is standard procedure at Ethan’s Automotive so don’t be alarmed if we begin switching your tires around for maximum effectiveness.

Ethan’s Honest Automotive does not want to see your tires begin to get worn out any sooner than they should, so we encourage our Cache Valley customers to come in twice a year for a tire rotation. Our quick and professional service, matched with our affordable prices make the trip both quick and cost-effective when you get your tires done at Ethan’s Automotive. Call today to schedule your bi-annual tire rotation and let Ethan’s Automotive make sure that your tires are safe and effective for the roads ahead of you.

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Diagnostics & Repairs

Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned and vehicles break down, or other frustrating problems with our vehicles occur. What do you do? Bring your vehicle to Ethan’s! We recognize your time is valuable and ensure prompt and professional service. Ethan’s prides themselves on their founding principles of integrity and honesty. You will not be forced to take on unnecessary repairs– only what is needed. We will not recommend unneeded service. We will analyze your issue, outline a service plan, make recommendations, and put you, the customer, in the driver seat.

FAQs About Tire Rotation


  • The pattern that governs your tire rotation will vary based on your vehicle and driving style. There are a few common rotation patterns, such as the x-pattern, forward cross, front to rear, rearward cross, and side-to-side. The pattern we will choose for your car is determined by whether the vehicle is front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. 



If you have questions about the tire rotation procedure, don’t hesitate to ask us. Our technicians are happy to explain the process to you. 

If you don’t remember the last time your tires were rotated, here are some signs that they need attention. 

  • Look at the tread on each tire. If the tread is uneven from tire to tire, then they need to be rotated. 
  • If your steering wheel is vibrating a lot, that could be a sign of uneven tire wear. So, bring your vehicle in for a tire rotation. 


Some people prefer to rotate their own tires. While this is a job that you could technically do DIY, you should still consider professional help. You need a lot of equipment to rotate your tires correctly. At the very least you will need four jack stands, a floor jack, and a torque wrench. Jack stands can be dangerous if not used correctly. And, it is easier and safer to use a lift when rotating your tires. 

Hiring professional mechanics, like those at Ethan’s Honest Automotive, to rotate your tires saves you time. It also keeps you safer. We can get the job done quickly, and likely more efficiently than you would be able to. Plus, when we rotate your tires, our technicians can check your suspension and brake systems as well.

Most experts recommend rotating your tires every 7,500-10,000 miles. If you drive the vehicle a lot or aggressively, then you may need to rotate your tires more often. Similarly, those people who drive rarely may put off tire rotation for longer. 

Another factor that will affect your tire rotation schedule is the warranty. When you have a set of four new tires installed in your vehicle, those tires likely came with a warranty. The tire warranty will tell you when the manufacturer recommends you get your tires rotated. You need to follow that recommendation, otherwise, your warranty could be voided. Sometimes tire manufacturers require tire rotation every 4,000-8,000. So, make sure to check your documentation. 


Tire rotation is the process of removing the tires from your vehicle and putting them back on in a different location. You need tire rotation to ensure your tires wear evenly. Without tire rotation, your tires could wear unevenly. This occurs because a vehicle places different amounts of weight on the front and rear axles. Braking and steering also place more stress on the front tires. 

There are other reasons that tires wear unevenly. These can include axel or mechanical problems with the vehicle. You may also turn more often on one side or the other, which causes more wear on that side. Rotating your tires regularly ensures that no tire gets more wear than the others, which in turn extends the life of your tires. 

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