Franklin Auto Repair

Locally owned and operated, Ethan’s Honest Automotive is proud to provide car repair and maintenance services to Franklin, Idaho. If you are also an honored member of the Franklin community, you need to bring your car into Ethan’s Honest Automotive. With twenty years of experience in the automotive service and repair industry, Ethan has the expertise to grow an amazing business. And, indeed he has done just that. Ethan’s Honest Automotive Service & Repair is local to the southeastern Idaho and Utah areas, including Franklin.  

Southeastern Idaho has a long and storied history, and Ethan’s Honest Automotive is proud to be a part of it. Franklin, especially, has an unusual past. It was founded by Mormons in 1860 and originally believed to be part of the Utah territory. We guess that explains how close it is today to the Utah-Idaho border. In fact, the town is about one mile above the Utah border. 

Modern Franklin has a small population of almost 1000. That is perfect for Ethan’s Honest Automotive. We specialize in serving tiny, small, medium, and large communities. The personal service we provide meshes well with the small-town atmosphere of Franklin. We a community-minded business first. That means we treat you like our neighbor because you are. 

Most of our clients in Franklin require our services for regular maintenance issues. These include oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, and basic auto repair needs. We also can fix more complex problems. If you have a break, suspension, or transmission problems, we can handle those as well. At Ethan’s Honest Automotive we pride ourselves on providing the more reliable and prompter service anywhere in southeastern Idaho or Utah. 

Everyone who works for Ethan’s Honest Automotive Service & Repair prizes customer relationships over a dollar sign. That means that you will receive only the best customer service from us. No matter who you are or what you drive, the professionals at Ethan’s Honest Automotive can help keep your vehicle in great shape. Our professionals can work on foreign or domestic vehicles. Their diagnoses and repair skills are second to none. 

Our core values are relationships, family, integrity, excellence, learning, community involvement, and charity. With such upstanding values, you can trust that the service you receive from Ethan’s Honest Automotive is the best around. Trust the “honest” in our name and contact us with any automotive repair or service requests today.

Most requested services in Franklin

Auto Repair

Auto Repair is a big part of our business here at Ethan’s Honest Automotive. Our technicians can handle problems such as:

  • ABS Lights
  • Traction Control Lights
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Vibration Issues
  • Shakes in Steering
  • Fuel Pumps 
  • Window Regulators
  • Radiator Replacements
  • And more… 

Auto Repair covers the basic issues you may face from day to day wear and tear of your vehicle. By regularly engaging our auto repair services you will be able to keep your vehicle in great working order. Contact us today about your auto repair needs. 

Oil Changes

Oil changes are a large part of our business in Franklin. Because of the warm and moderate climate, many of our clients can service their vehicles one per year. One of the major focuses of these yearly check-ups is oil change. You want to change your oil at least every 3000 miles. Some vehicles allow for longer periods between oil changes. Ask an Ethan’s Honest Automotive professional if you have questions about when your vehicle is due for an oil change. 

Brake Service

Brakes are important. If you love the scenic drives between Franklin and Utah, you need good brakes. They are a lifesaving piece of equipment. Schedule regular brake checks with Ethan’s Honest Automotive. We will examine the:

  • Master cylinder
  • Brake hoses
  • Brake linings’
  • Drum hardware
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake lubricant
  • Wheel bearings 
  • And more . . . 

If there are any problems with your brake apparatus, you can trust our professionals to fix the problem immediately. 

A/C Service 

Franklin, Idaho can get hot. You need air conditioning to be comfortable anywhere you travel here. That is why your vehicle’s A/C is so important. You don’t want to sweat in your care every summer. If you are having A/C problems, you need to contact Ethan’s Honest Automotive right away. We can recharge you’re A/C and fix any issue with the system. 

Suspension service

Driving in the mountains is amazing and scenic. However, it can get a little bumpy. If you like to enjoy the backroads throughout Franklin, you will especially want to keep your suspension in good condition. That is why Ethan’s Honest Automotive offers great suspensions services. When we check your suspension, we will be looking at your:

  • Shock and strut 
  • Power steering 
  • Suspension fluid
  • Tire wear
  • Busing or mount 

Transmission service

Transmissions come in many shapes and sizes. No matter what type of transmission you have, you will need to regularly replace your transmission oil. That is a service that the specialists at Ethan’s Honest Automotive provide. We can also:

  • Change or replace the screen or filter
  • Clean the pan
  • Install a new pan gasket

Your vehicle will not run without a working transmission. And no one likes grinding gears. Keep your transmission working right by using Ethan’s Honest Automotive. 


Finally, at Ethan’s Honest Automotive we offer tune-ups to the Franklin area. Tune-ups are small jobs that help your vehicle run more efficiently. They can be:

  • Engine inspection
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement

Before your tune-up our professional will consult with you to learn your concerns and hopes for the vehicle. Then they will work tirelessly to meet your vision.

Services provided by Ethan’s include:

A/C Service
Windshield Wipers/Washer Fluid
Wheel Bearings
Differential Services
Coolant Flushes
Transmission Services
Tune Ups
Brake and power steering services
Timing Belts
Tie Rods
Rack and pinion
Ball Joints
4-Wheel Drive