Cove Auto Repair

Ethan’s Honest Automotive Service & Repair and all of our team members are proud to serve the Cove community. This is a great town to have our business. We love everything that Cove has to offer. Ethan’s is headquartered in Logan, Utah. Because Cove is in the Logan, Utah-Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area, we are closely located to our Cove location. If you want the best auto service in Cache Valley, Utah, then you need to visit the Cover Ethan’s Honest Automotive today. 

Cove is another small Cache Valley community. But, it’s small size is what make Cove great. And then there are the amazing mountains and parks that border this entire area. There are a lot of things to see and do in Cove. Most of these require the use of a car. Let us help you keep your vehicles in good working order so that you can experience evening this rural/suburban community has to offer. 

You will love the customer service you receive when you give Ethan’s honest Automotive your business. Treating our customers like family is an integral value. These values were instilled in us by our founder. In addition relationships, we value:

  • Family
  • Integrity 
  • Excellence
  • Learning
  • Community
  • Charity

All of these are essential values for any business, but we would like you to look at the second in the list. Honesty and integrity are missing in a lot of the auto service industry. They are not missing from Ethan’s Honest Automotive. Honesty is even part of our name. 

Cove residents use our auto repair, oil change, tire rotation, and tune-up services more than anything else. The great weather of the Cache Valley make a yearly tune-up more than enough for most people. At that visit our experts that the time to go over your vehicle completely. We will not recommend unnecessary work, but we will let you know if we find anything that could become a problem. 

In addition to your business, we value your feedback. Please leave us a comment after your visit that states what you enjoyed and what could be improved upon. We take all comments seriously, and will attempt to make any changes needed to ensure the residents of Cove get the best service available.

Most requested services in Cove

Auto Repair

Auto repair is a term that encompasses a lot. Some of the common auto repair jobs include:

  • ABS Lights
  • Traction Control Lights
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Vibration Issues
  • Shakes in Steering
  • Fuel Pumps 
  • Window Regulators
  • Radiator Replacements

These are not the only auto repair tasks that may be required. If you are having any trouble at all with your vehicle, you need to bring it to Ethan’s Honest Automotive asap. Our professionals can diagnose and fix the problem right away. 

Oil Changes

In Cove Ethan’s Honest Automotive is best known as a place to get your oil changed. This is probably the most frequent big of vehicle maintenance. Oil changes are an important part of keeping your engine health. If  you let the oil get old, the filter may not work as well anymore. The filter will stop catching all the dirt and debris. The resulting dirty oil gets into your engine and causes problems. Regularly changing the oil can solve all of these problems. 

Brake Service

Brakes are important. That is a very simple sentence, but it is true. You need to keep your brakes working well. So many people in Cove and Cache Valley in general like to visit the mountains. That’s great, but it does require working brakes. This vehicle system can literally save your life. The professionals at Ethan’s Honest Automotive provide complete brake servicing. That means checking the following for issues:

  • Master cylinder
  • Brake hoses
  • Brake linings’
  • Drum hardware
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake lubricant
  • Wheel bearings 

A/C Service 

Brakes are important because they can save your life, but the A/C is crucial because you will be miserable otherwise. It is easy to let A/C problems get out of control. You will likely not use your A/C for half the year. When you go to turn it on in the summer, it may suddenly blow warm air. That is your cue to call Ethan’s Honest Automotive. We can fix any problem in time to get you back on the road during the hottest days of the year. 

Suspension service

A broken suspension is both uncomfortable and dangerous. Without a suspension it will be much harder to control your vehicle. Power steering is part of the suspension system. The suspension also governs the bumpiness of your drive. If you are bouncing all over the place, you may have a suspension problem. When you bring your vehicle to Ethan’s Honest Automotive for suspension service, you can expect us to examine the following:

  • Shocks and strut 
  • Power steering 
  • Suspension fluid
  • Tire wear
  • Busing or mount

Transmission service

The transmission enables your vehicle to change gears. Without the gears lubricated correctly, they will not turn smoothly. This causes grinding or sticking gears. You don’t want either of those things. Keep your transmission in good working order by having our experts replace the transmission oil and:

  • Change or replace the screen or filter
  • Clean the pan
  • Install a new pan gasket


The yearly visits that most members of Cover take advantage of are call tune-ups. These visits allow our specialists to fine tune your vehicle. We can help you remove a uncomfortable vibration or get slightly better gas mileage. In addition, tune-ups are a great place for us to find deeper issues with your vehicle. You can expect us to perform these services during your tune-up:

  • Engine inspection
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement

Cove Auto Repair FAQs

1) How do I find a trustworthy mechanic in the Cove area?
Trustworthy mechanics may seem impossible to find in the Cove area. Yes, there are many find mechanic shops. But not all mechanics are created equal. To keep your vehicle in the best working order, you need to find a mechanic that you can trust implicitly.

A trustworthy mechanic is one that you know will not overcharge you. They will also not add extraneous and unneeded services to the quote. They are upfront and transparent in all their dealings with you, their customer. You can tell if a mechanic will fall into the trustworthy category by doing the following things.

  • Look up reviews and ask trusted friends or family members for referrals.
  • Make sure your vehicle’s make and model are serviced by the shop.
  • Ask lots of questions.
  • Try the mechanic out with a small, inexpensive job.

2) What types of general maintenance do I need in Cove?
In general, mechanics do as many general maintenance tasks as they complete big car repairs. General maintenance is typically performed on a schedule. Each schedule is unique to your vehicle and can be found in your owner’s manual. General maintenance is made up of services that keep your vehicle running smoothly for a long time.

In Cove, you will likely need the following types of general maintenance.

3) Signs I should visit my Cove area mechanic?
General maintenance happens on a schedule. But many times car problems do not follow a set schedule. You never know when your vehicle may need the help of a mechanic. However, some signs will indicate your vehicle needs professional help. These signs include the following.

  • Smoke coming from under the hood.
  • Fluid leaks under the vehicle or dash.
  • Loud clanging or banging sounds.
  • Problems starting.
  • Stalling.
  • Steering issues.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Ethan’s Honest Automotive immediately. We can help diagnose and treat any problems with your vehicle.

4) What services are offered at Ethan’s Honest Automotive in Cove?
At Ethan’s Honest Automotive, we can handle any make or model of vehicle. We will even service both foreign and domestic cars. Our versatility really sets us apart from the competition.

Another thing that sets us apart is our available services for Cove. We offer a wide variety of car repair and maintenance services. The most commonly requested services in Cove include

 5) Reasons to consider Ethan’s Honest Automotive.
The experts at Ethan’s Honest Automotive pride themselves on our honesty and dependability. We can help you, no matter the kind of car your drive or the problem it is facing. Additionally, our core values set us apart from other mechanics in Cove. They are

  • Relationships fire.
  • Family
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Dedication to excellence.
  • Always learning and growing
  • Community involvement
  • Charity and Consideration.

Contact Ethan’s Honest Automotive today to learn more about our Cove location and the services we offer.

Services provided by Ethan’s include:

A/C Service
Windshield Wipers/Washer Fluid
Wheel Bearings
Differential Services
Coolant Flushes
Transmission Services
Tune Ups
Brake and power steering services
Timing Belts
Tie Rods
Rack and pinion
Ball Joints
4-Wheel Drive