Hyrum Auto Repair

All of us at Ethan’s Honest Automotive love being a member of the Hyrum, Utah community. We are proud to provide the best possible auto repair and maintenance service to this amazing community. Contact us today to learn how our professionals can help you. 

Hyrum is a great member of the Logan, Utah-Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area, and Cache Valley. It has had a few controversial moments in the past. However, the appeal of this amazing community is shown by its continuous population growth since its 1870 founding. Part of the reason for this interest in Hyrum, Utah, is the gorgeous parks and ranches in the area. 

If you want to enjoy Hyrum State Park of Hardware Ranch, you need a good vehicle. You can walk the trails of the State Park, but a vehicle is required to get you there. The same is true for Hardware Ranch, and you don’t want to miss out on the herds of elk who winter there. If you are having any trouble at all with your vehicle, you need to contact Ethan’s Honest Automotive. 

Why does “honest” appear in our name? The answer is simple. So many auto repair and maintenance shops swindle their customers. They are not members of their communities, and so do not care about jacking up their prices or inflating service needs. We are not like that at Ethan’s Honest Automotive. Our core values state that we care about our community, family, honesty and integrity, and relationships. Those things have allowed us to become a valued member of our communities, including Hyrum. 

We provide a range of auto repair and maintenance services. These may be as simple as a tune-up, oil change, or tire rotation. However, you may have larger vehicle issues like suspension or brake damage. It doesn’t matter how severe the situation, our experts have the experience to handle every problem. 

Our founder, Ethan, has spent twenty years in the automotive repair and service industry. The majority of that time has been focused on growing our business by instilling the core values mentioned above. That knowledge and integrity is essential for any successful enterprise and has helped make Ethan’s Honest Automotive a staple of the Hyrum community. We are always looking to learn and improve our service, however. So, feel free to leave us a comment telling us your thoughts. We want to provide Hyrum with the auto repair and maintenance services you need and value your comments as a means to that end.

Most requested services in Hyrum

Auto Repair

In Hyrum, auto repair jobs are some of the most common. These services include our professionals dealing with the following problems. 

  • ABS Lights
  • Traction Control Lights
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Vibration Issues
  • Shakes in Steering
  • Fuel Pumps 
  • Window Regulators
  • Radiator Replacements
  • And more . . . 

Auto Repair encompasses a wide range of services. Contact Ethan’s Honest Automotive today for more information about our auto repair offering. 

Oil Changes

If you want to do one thing to keep your vehicle in good health, you need to change the oil frequently. This is the single most important aspect of vehicle maintenance. That is why oil changes are such a staple of our business in Hyrum, Utah. You need to have your oil changed every 3000 miles at least or every three months. Some vehicles can last longer in between oil changes, but those are the minimums. Confused about when to bring in your vehicle for an oil change? Consult with an expert from Ethan’s Honest Automotive today. 

Brake Service

There are a lot of mountains in the Cache Valley area. That is the main reason for its appeal. We love the mountains, and you likely do too. In order to safely navigate these peaks, you need good brakes. Brake problems can create a very dangerous situation. To keep your brakes in good working order, our professionals will check the following parts for issues. 

  • Master cylinder
  • Brake hoses
  • Brake linings’
  • Drum hardware
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake lubricant
  • Wheel bearings 

A/C Service 

You also need a good air conditioner in your vehicle. The summers in Hyrum, Utah, can get very hot. Dry heat is not as bad for some people as humidity; however, you will still want a working A/C. Without that part, your drive will get hot fast. If you’re A/C is not blowing as cold as you would like, you need to contact Ethan’s Honest Automotive right away. 

Suspension service

The following parts make up a vehicle’s suspension. 

  • Shock and strut 
  • Power steering 
  • Suspension fluid
  • Tire wear
  • Busing or mount

These all can have problems or wear and tear that make your suspension less effective. A vehicle with a poorly working suspension will cause a bumpy ride. You may also experience problems turning the steering wheel. Let the experts at Ethan’s Honest Automotive fix your suspension today.  

Transmission service

Any part on your vehicle can be damaged, but some are more likely to have problems. If you keep the transmission oil changed, that component never has to cause you any issues. That’s one less part for you to worry about. A transmission that works right is essential for your vehicle’s health. When the professional at Ethan’s Honest Automotive change your transmission oil, they will also 

  • Change or replace the screen or filter
  • Clean the pan
  • Install a new pan gasket


Tune-ups are a great way to save yourself a little bit of money. They increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance in general. Every auto shop handles tune-ups in their own way. At Ethan’s Honest Automotive we like to tailor our tune-ups to our individual client’s needs. They may involve the following. 

  • Engine inspection
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • And more . . .

All Services provided by Ethan’s include:

A/C Service
Windshield Wipers/Washer Fluid
Wheel Bearings
Differential Services
Coolant Flushes
Transmission Services
Tune Ups
Brake and power steering services
Timing Belts
Tie Rods
Rack and pinion
Ball Joints
4-Wheel Drive