When was the Last Time Your Car Had a Tune-up?

Tune-ups are an important part of car maintenance. You don’t just want to bring your car to a mechanic when there is something wrong. When you get regular tune-ups, large problems may be caught early. This makes them less of a big deal and reduces the cost required to fix them. 

Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes the importance of regular tune-ups. Instead, they wait until something breaks to get their car looked at. Don’t be that person. Save yourself time and money down the road by investing in regular tune-ups at Ethan’s Honest Automotive today. 


Signs Your Car May Need a Tune-Up

If it’s been a while since your last tune-up, look for the following signs. If you experience any of them, it is time to contact your mechanic to schedule a tune-up. 


1) Problems starting your vehicle.

Anytime you have any issue getting your car to start, you should take it to a mechanic like the professionals at Ethan’s Honest Automotive. There are actually several reasons why your car may be struggling to start. Old or damaged spark plugs are one of the most common. 

It is especially annoying and dangerous to have a car that won’t start in the winter. Experiencing any troubles getting your car to turn over means it is time for a tune-up. 


2) The check engine light comes on.

Check engine lights can strike fear into the heart of a car owner. Don’t panic if you see one turn on in your car, though. It is likely just telling you that your car needs a tune-up. Check engine lights can signify a number of issues. These include faulty gas caps, faulty ignition coils, and spark plugs, bad oxygen sensors, problems with the mass airflow sensor, and many more. The best way to tell what the issue is, and have it fixed is to take your car to a professional for a tune-up when the check engine light comes on. 


3) Your car frequently stalls.

Stalling is another thing we do not want in our cars. In the Cache Valley, stalling is especially dangerous. You don’t want your car to stall out as you climb or descend a mountain. 

A problem with your car stalling could be caused by a number of issues. It can be hard for the car owner to distinguish between. Don’t just view a stalling car as a nuisance. Bring it to Ethan’s honest Automotive for a tune-up right away. 


4) Knocking, banging, or other unusual noises. 

Knocking, banging, or other loud and unusual noises always signal a problem. While the problem may be minor, you should still have it looked at. At Ethan’s, we will find the source of any strange noises during our tune-ups. 

A noisy car is one that likely has problems that need to be addressed. Let the professionals at Ethan’s Honest Automotive find those problems in a tune-up. This easy maintenance will ensure your car’s little problems don’t become huge problems down the line.