Winter in the Cache Valley can be hard on your vehicle. Even if you have a garage that keeps the car out of the elements, driving it through the snow and ice can cause lots of problems. In general, a cold, icy winter will cause a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle. 

Your car got you through the winter. Don’t let it sit unchecked in the spring. After winter is finished, you should check on the systems mentioned in this article. At Ethan’s Honest Automotive, we can help you get your car in tip-top shape this spring. Contact us today to learn more. 

What to Check on Your Car At the End of the Winter

Once the weather begins warming up this spring, it is time to check on your vehicle. The following items are the most likely to be damaged or need attention at the end of winter. Make sure a good mechanic, like those at Ethan’s Honest Automotive, takes a look at them as soon as possible this spring. 

  • Fluids- It is important to keep an eye on your car’s fluids all the time. However, that need only increases in the spring. Make sure to have your engine oil checked and replaced. It is liable to be a little low after the winter. You should also check the windshield wiper fluid, as you probably used this a lot during the ice and salt on winter roads.
  • Tire Pressure- Tires take a beating during the winter. No matter what season, tires can easily lose air pressure and tread. The rough winter and pothole-filled spring roads are especially hard on tires. Make sure that your check your tire pressure and fill it to the manufacturer’s recommended levels.

    You should also have an expert check the tread on your tires, as this determines how much they will grip the road. If your tread is too low, you will need to have your tires rotated or changed.

  • Windshield wipers- As we mentioned above, windshield wipers take a beating in the winter. Whether it is snowing or just salty on the roads, our windshield wipers seem to always be running. A worn-out windshield wiper will not clear your window as well. These essential features of your car should be checked in the spring.
  • Battery- Your car will not run without batteries. This essential item determines whether or not your car will start and how well it stays running. Batteries become less efficient over time. This is especially true when you drive your car less, as many people do in the winter. This spring make sure to check the efficacy of your battery. The experts at Ethan’s Honest Automotive can easily do this for you.   
  • Brakes- Finally, you will want to check your brakes after winter is over. Brake pads wear down with use. You will likely use your brakes more often in the winter. So, you may need a brake pad replacement. Other elements of your brake system may also have wear and tear. In the Cache Valley, brakes are essential and should be checked regularly by mechanics, like those at Ethan’s Honest Automotive.