Regular maintenance is just one of the responsibilities that come with owning a car. But maintenance probably isn’t the only thing your vehicle will need over its lifetime. Repairs are normal, and some repairs are so common you might as well treat them like routine maintenance. 

If you suspect your vehicle needs a repair, it’s almost always better to go to the mechanic right away instead of waiting for things to get worse. 

We’ll be happy to help you with any of the common repairs on this list at Ethan’s Honest Automotive, and we’re prepared to handle even the rarest or most complicated repair situations. 

Knowing what kind of car repairs, you should expect over your vehicle’s lifetime is an important part of being a prepared vehicle owner. We’ve focused on common repairs that aren’t part of regular maintenance for this list, so we won’t be featuring oil changes, tire replacement, or other routine maintenance here. 

Instead, let’s look at common part failures and other repairs that happen to vehicle owners across the country. 

1) Catalytic Converter Replacement

Catalytic converters are an important part of your vehicle’s exhaust system, but they can wear out over time. Think of this part as your vehicle’s emissions management part. It’s designed to help convert some of the most harmful emissions from your vehicle into less harmful or greener alternatives, limiting the amount of greenhouses gases and toxins your vehicle releases. 

Unfortunately, catalytic converters also contain a variety of highly valuable elements, which means that they’re a common target for parts thieves. 

Catalytic converters are also a relatively expensive part to replace, which means this is one of the most expensive common repairs your vehicle might need. Catalytic converters typically don’t need to be replaced more than every few years, but you’ll probably need to replace them at least once in your vehicle’s lifetime. 

2) Fuel Cap – Tighten or Replace

Your fuel cap might not seem like an important part of your vehicle, but it’s incredibly important for protecting your fuel system and engine. A loose fuel cap, or one that isn’t sealing properly, can make your vehicle show an engine warning light. 

It’s incredibly common for mechanics to get vehicles that just need the fuel cap tightened or replaced. Thankfully, ordering a new fuel cap is usually affordable, and tightening your fuel cap is incredibly easy. 

3) Spark Plug Replacements

Spark plugs are an important part of your engine, but they don’t last forever. This is one part that just wears out over time. 

If your engine isn’t performing as well as it used to, you have an engine warning light, or you notice damage to your spark plugs it’s a good idea to bring your vehicle in to get your spark plugs replaced. 

4) O2 Sensor Replacement

Your O2 sensor is critical for your vehicle’s overall performance. The sensor reads how much unburnt 02 remains in your vehicle’s exhaust. Your car’s computer uses that information to tweak how much air to mix into your fuel to get optimum performance. 

The sensor can wear out over time, which makes it one of the more common repairs vehicles need. 

5) Replace Your Engine Thermostat

Your engine’s thermostat helps measure, and manage, the temperature of your engine. Keeping engine temperature under control is one of the most important parts of keeping your vehicle in good condition, so it makes sense that the engine thermostat is an important component. 

However, because of the high working temperature vehicles are designed to handle, engine thermostats do stop working or get less accurate over time. 

If you suspect that your engine thermostat is starting to be inaccurate, or it stops working entirely, you need to get your vehicle in for a repair as soon as possible. 

If you need routine maintenance, minor repairs, or even a more complicated repair, Ethan’s Honest Automotive can help. Not sure what signs tell you your vehicle needs a repair? Check out our blog post, 3 Noises On You Car You Should Never Ignore