What tasks make up routine maintenance?

Routine maintenance takes care of all the little things your vehicle needs to run properly. It can catch small problems before they get out of control. That means many tasks can make up routine maintenance. Your Logan area mechanic can tell you what makes up routine maintenance at their shop. 

Some of the most common routine maintenance tasks are 

How long does routine maintenance take? 

Your Logan is mechanic will also be able to tell you how long your routine maintenance will take. Likely, the length of the service will depend on the type of maintenance being performed. For example, a single task (like replacing windshield wipers) will take less time than multiple tasks (replacing windshield wipers and changing the engine oil). 

You can expect that your routine maintenance will take between 1.5-3 hours. However, some tasks may be shorter and some longer. Plan on discussing this question with your mechanic when you bring your vehicle in. This way you will have a better idea of how to plan your schedule.

Do I have to follow the routine maintenance schedule? 

We always recommend that people follow the routine maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual. Your manufacturer has done enough research to know when each of your vehicle’s systems should be looked at. You must follow their recommendations as not doing so could void your warranty. 

Following the recommended routine maintenance schedule is also important for your vehicle’s health. Being a couple of weeks behind on an oil change will not destroy your engine. However, it is best to be in the habit of receiving the routine maintenance you need on time. This way you can always be sure that your vehicle will run properly.

Will routine maintenance pay off over time? 

You may be wondering if the expense of your vehicle having routinely maintained will pay off over time. The quick answer is “yes.” When your Logan is mechanic sees your vehicle regularly, they can catch small problems. Fixing small issues before they become big issues is important for lower costs. Bigger problems usually mean that more expensive parts will need to be bought and installed. When you have routine maintenance, you are less likely to need the most expensive parts.

Can I drive a vehicle with the check engine light on? 

A check engine light can signify many things. It is generally safe to drive your vehicle when it is on. 

You should bring it to a qualified mechanic, like those at Ethan’s Honest Automotive, as soon as possible, though. They can check for the issue and ensure that there is nothing seriously wrong with your vehicle. But, as long as the vehicle is handling like normal, driving it to the mechanic should not be a problem.