Should You Replace All Four Of Your Tires At The Same Time?

Replacing one tire on its own is expensive. The thought of replacing all four tires is enough to wreck anyone’s budget for the month. Do you have to replace all four of your tires at the same time? Or, is it okay to just replace the tires that are giving you problems and/or are the most worn? This is a complicated question and there really is no “right” answer. The following information will help you make a decision that is right for you and your car.

Replacing One Tire

There are a variety of reasons why you may choose to only replace one tire. Your budget may be the determining factor; if you don’t have the money for new tires, replacing just one is much less of a financial hit than replacing two or more.

You need to be careful when choosing this option, however, because you want to get a tire that matches the other three as closely as possible. The size and model need to be the same so that your new tire does not wear out too quickly.

Replacing Two Tires

Swapping out two tires instead of four is a compromise between just replacing one tire and replacing all four tires. Always make sure the new tires are put on the back of the car because doing so is better for your steering. However, there is one exception to this. If the new tires that you are purchasing are not as good as the ones that are already on your car, make sure to put the new tires on the front. The rule of thumb is that the best tires should always be placed to the back of the car.

If you choose this option, tire rotations are also extremely important for your vehicle. They keep your tread as close to the same as possible. In general, you should always rotate your tires when you take your vehicle in for an oil change. Once a year, have your alignment looked at as well. Your tires will wear much faster if the alignment isn’t right.

Replacing Four Tires

It is extremely hard to find new tires that look and feel the same as the ones you are keeping on your vehicle. If you don’t find a good match, you’ll wind up with some tires that have very good tread and some tires that just aren’t working as well. That means that by only replacing a few of your tires, you’ll have more difficulty steering when the weather is bad.

Always replace all four tires if your tires are not in good shape. Consider buying four new tires if you can afford it because it is safer; your car is less likely to hydroplane for example, and you will have better control over the vehicle in general.

If you are in need of new tires, Ethan’s Honest Automotive can help you decide how many to purchase and where to place them on your vehicle. Tires are extremely important to the safety of your vehicle; don’t take any chances with them!