Doing your own car repair work may seem like a good idea. You may assume it will save you time and money. What are the downsides?

Unfortunately, DIY car repair has a lot of disadvantages. These disadvantages are especially pronounced if you are not experienced working on cars. Below are five of the top problems that come with trying to do car repairs yourself.

  1. Wasted Time
    It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced car repairs DIYer or not, car repairs take time. Sometimes bolts just will not come off. There may be more problems than you anticipated. It is very easy for a simple, one-hour project to turn into a huge multi-day affair.Your time is worth something. When you have professionals like those at Ethan’s Honest Automotive work on your car, you can go ahead with your day. Let mechanics take the time to repair your car, while you maximize the time you’ve saved.
  2. Specialized Tool Required
    Very often car repair requires specialized tools. You likely do not have a fully-outfitted garage. That means a car repair project could require you to purchase any number of special tools.These tools will add to your costs. They also take time to learn to use properly. Plus, you may purchase them for a specific project and never use them again. That’s not an efficient use of your time or space. When you use a mechanic, they already have all the tools needed for a job. You won’t have to take on that burden yourself.
  3. Unexpected costs
    Car repairs can get pricey. This is especially true if you underestimate the damage caused by a problem or misdiagnose an issue. While mechanics can also misdiagnose car problems, the likelihood is much less. They have the experience to recognize and fix most car problems quickly and easily. A DIYer may struggle to diagnose even the most common car problems.Misdiagnosing is a cost issue. You could end up buying a large number of parts for a system that isn’t actually broken. Then when you find the actual problem, you will need to purchase even more tools and parts. That is not even counting the time it will take you to figure out your error and correct it.
  4. Accidental damage
    Another way your car repair costs may rise unexpectedly is if you cause accidental damage while installing a part. Cross-threading and electrical system errors are both common types of damage that occur on DIY projects. These mistakes can require more parts to be purchased or extra time spent on the project.
  5. Safety Concerns
    The final disadvantage so DIY car repairs is a very serious one. DIY car repair can cause safety concerns, especially if you are new to mechanical projects. Critical systems like braking and steering should always be seen by professionals. You don’t want to “repair” a problem only to have the entire system fail while you drive the car.Stay safe and contact a professional mechanic for all of your car repair needs. If you live in the Cache Valley, contact Ethan’s Honest Automotive the next time you need car repair help.