One of the most common problems people have with their cars is a loss of air pressure. Often, the fix for this issue is one even the most mechanically-impaired person can do. You just add more air to the tire. Yet sometimes a tire will continue to lose air no matter how often you fill it. In this case, understanding how tires work and what causes them to lose air pressure is essential. 

Knowledge is power when it comes to car maintenance. If you want to keep all your tires full of air, then you need to continue reading this article. However, the quickest solution to the problem will be to bring your vehicle into Ethan’s Honest Automotive. Our experts will help you discover the reason your tire keeps losing air and fix the issue. 

Signs Your Tire is Losing Air

The biggest sign that your tire is losing air is that the tire will go flat. This can occur quickly or slowly depending on the location and type of leak. All tires go flat slowly over time due to osmosis. Each tire will lose about 1-3 psi per month. The signs below tell you that your tire is losing air at a faster rate than that. 

  • Your low air pressure alarm goes off. Many vehicles now have low air pressure alarms on the dashboard. The sensor in the tire is activated when the air pressure gets too low. Then the computer will alert you with an alarm. 
  • Your tire gets flat. A tire flattening out where it touches the ground is a big sign that its air pressure is too low. 
  • The tire air pressure is low when you check it. Checking your tires regularly will help you determine if one tire is losing air more frequently than the others. Your vehicle’s owner manual will tell you about the recommended psi for your tires. 

Reasons Your Tire Keeps Losing Air

There are many reasons why a tire keeps losing air. A large rip or tear in the tire will cause the air to rush out very fast. These leaks are quite easy to locate. You will likely see the problem without much trouble. 

Large leaks will not cause a tire to continually lose air pressure unless it has been fixed poorly. Instead, it is the smaller leaks that cause frequent flats. Smaller leaks can be extremely hard to find. Sometimes the issue isn’t even in the tire. Other reasons your tire keeps losing air are as follows. 

  • A bad valve stem. 
  • A wheel that is bent or damaged. 
  • Bead damage on the tire. 
  • A small object lodged in the tire. 

How to Fix the Issue

If you notice that one tire is constantly losing air pressure, the first thing you should do is attempt to locate the leak. The soap water method works the best for small leaks. This is where you spray the tire and rim with soapy water. Wait five minutes and then look for bubbles. That is where your leak is located. 

The best and most consistent way to fix a recurring flat tire, however, is to bring it to the professionals. Let the mechanics at Ethan’s Honest Automotive help you find and fix all leaks. Contact us today to learn more about our tire services.