Routine maintenance is an important part of keeping your vehicle healthy. You will sometimes find routine maintenance called scheduled maintenance. Although the phrase changes slightly, the meaning doesn’t. Essentially, routine maintenance is the regular maintenance trips you schedule with an auto mechanic like Ethan’s Honest Auto. 

You will find a recommended maintenance schedule in your vehicle’s service manual. Oil and fluid changes, basic filter replacements, tire rotation, and other basic maintenance tasks fall under the heading of routine maintenance. Always follow the recommended schedule as closely as you can. Doing so will ensure that your vehicle stays in peak condition for as long as possible. In the rest of this article, we will discuss the trouble that comes with not getting routine maintenance on your car. 

Problems that can occur without routine maintenance

It is important to get routine maintenance on your vehicle. If you don’t the following problems can occur. 


1)High-cost breaks.

The beauty of routine maintenance is that it allows mechanics to discover potential problems before they get out of control. Small issues on a vehicle can easily catapult into huge, high-cost problems. For example, not rotating your tires regularly can create imbalances that could potentially hurt the alignment of your wheels. 

Similarly, not checking or changing fluids regularly allows dirt and debris to remain in your system, which then clogs up your engine, transmission, and suspension. Breaks in those systems can cost a lot to repair. The small regular cost of routine maintenance is a small thing compared to the high-cost breaks it prevents.

2)Decreased lifespan of the vehicle.

When you have a vehicle that is running in non-optimal conditions, it will not live as long a life. Everyone wants to get the most out of their vehicle. To ensure your vehicle runs well for a long time, you need regular maintenance. 

As mentioned above regular maintenance can stave off big repairs. Scheduled maintenance also keeps fluids, oil, and other lubricants changed properly. As the vehicle ages, proper attention to scheduled maintenance will become even more important. Those people that skimp on regular maintenance inevitably have vehicles that wear out well before their time.

3)Creates an unsafe vehicle.

You want to get the most out of your vehicle, but you also want a vehicle that will keep you safe. In the Cache Valley, there is enough varied weather and mountain roads to create a very unsafe situation if your vehicle is not in peak condition. Regular maintenance ensures everything on your vehicle is running optimally. Even a small spark plug problem can negatively affect your engine. Don’t skip regular maintenance, or your vehicle will not be reliably safe.

If you are looking for the best-scheduled maintenance the Cache Valley has to offer, consider Ethan’s Honest Auto. We are known for our honest and efficient vehicle maintenance. When you use Ethan’s Honest Auto you can trust that our assessment of your vehicle’s needs is exact. We will also help you determine the regular maintenance schedule that is ideal for your vehicle. Contact us today!