The Secret to a Long Lasting Car


While many of us struggle to keep our cars in good working order, there are some lucky individuals that get hundreds of thousands of miles out of their vehicles. While it may seem that they were just fortunate, the reality is that these people likely took good care of their cars over the years and made a point of attending to a few small details that really had a big impact on longevity. If you want your vehicle to last a long time, take the advice presented below to heart and do your best to maintain your car.


Abide By The Service Schedule


This seems like obvious advice, but many people don’t even look at their car’s manual, much less follow the service schedule. When in doubt, consult your booklet and abide by what it says. Keeping your car regularly maintained is one of the best ways to ensure that it stays in good working order. 


Keep It Cool


Your engine is under a lot of pressure; it is responsible for keeping the car running smoothly and working properly. If you’ve ever placed your hand on the hood of your car after a drive, you know that it can get fairly hot inside the engine. Your vehicle’s cooling system, then, plays a pretty important role. Antifreeze needs to be replaced on a regular basis (not as often as your oil, but don’t forget about it). In addition, if you have a coolant leak, make sure it gets taken care of as soon as possible. Without coolant, you’ll be in the market for a new car pretty soon. 


Pay Attention To Noises


It is important to pay attention to the sounds your car is making, both when you are driving on the road and when you are sitting in the driveway. Every so often, make sure that it is quiet in the vehicle and listen to what is going on. Do your brakes squeal or grind? Are there any unusual clicking or banging sounds? If you hear something that concerns you, take the car into Ethan’s Honest Automotive for a full check. 


Swap Out The Air Filter


Many people forget about their car’s air filter. It needs to be changed each year, and it is an inexpensive purchase. You also don’t have to take the car into the shop if you don’t want to; changing the air filter is something that you can teach yourself to do. If you neglect the air filter, you could experience problems with your car’s engine down the line. 


It’s the little things that matter, and if you are diligent with your vehicle, you can help ensure that it runs for a very long time. Make sure to follow the service schedule, replace the coolant, listen for noises and change out the air filter on a regular basis. While these are not the only things you should be doing, they’ll give you a jump start on this process and help you move forward with fewer issues.