Now Is The Time To Get Your Car Ready For That Summer Trip

It is easy to put off vehicle maintenance during the winter; summer and the promise of warm weather vacations seem like a long time away. Often, there are also more pressing concerns to deal with. However, spring is a great time to get your car ready to be on the road more often. Higher temperatures can really do a number on even the best-kept vehicles, which is why it is so important to pay attention to all the different parts of the car. Before planning your next road trip, make sure to take the following steps to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top condition.

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system needs to be functioning at its highest level when it is hot outside. Get the A/C looked at by a technician before you take your first long road trip. Review your car manual to determine if any of the filters need to be replaced. When the weather is still relatively cool, you may not notice that your system is functioning at less than an ideal level. Getting it looked at will prevent any surprises later on.


If you still have winter tires on your vehicle, now is a good time to put on your all-season tires. Make sure they have plenty of tread so that you can drive safely in the rain. Also, make sure the tires are inflated properly so that you are safe while on the road. Ideally, you should monitor your tire pressure several times a month and rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. If you have any concerns, get your tires looked at by a professional to make sure they don’t need to be replaced.


Make sure you have enough wiper fluid; it often gets used during the winter as part of the deicing process. In addition, replace your wipers if they aren’t doing their job as well anymore. Your visibility while on the road is of critical importance. 


Take a look at the battery and make sure that everything is secured properly. Get the battery checked by a professional to determine how much “life” it has left. Replace the battery if necessary; being unable to start the car when away from home is a huge inconvenience.

Oil Change

Changing your oil on a regular basis is a good idea for several different reasons. Not only does it improve gas mileage and engine performance, but it helps to protect the engine itself. In addition, when you go in for an oil change, the technician will typically top off your fluids and take a look at the rest of your system to ensure everything is functioning properly.

As we head into the warmer months, take your car into Ethan’s Honest Automotive, have it looked at by one of our trained technicians, and make sure you are ready to hit the road. By getting your vehicle checked out before the season really begins, you can protect your car and avoid any unnecessary complications while driving.