COVID-19 and the economic troubles that came with it have messed with a lot of industries. This has caused a lot of shortages of goods and services. The auto industry has been one of the most affected. 

Because of the auto shortage, it is important to keep your existing car running as well as possible. It is hard, and expensive, to replace your car at the moment. Below you will find more information about the auto shortage and how your mechanic can help. 

What is the auto shortage? 

First of all, let’s taking a deeper dive into the auto shortage. The auto shortage began with a shortage of microchips. These microchips are used in a lot of electronics, but they are essential for modern vehicles. As the supply of microchips dwindled, automakers have been unable to finish the production of vehicles. 

As of September 27, 2021, it is estimated that the microchip, and therefore auto, shortage will cost carmakers at least $210 billion this year. All car manufacturers have had to drastically shorten their production line. There are stories of unfinished cars sitting in lots just waiting for microchips. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if the auto shortage will end this year. Most experts don’t see things calming down until at least 2022. 

So, what does this mean for the consumer? Well, a shortage of new vehicles has a ripple effect throughout the auto industry. Most importantly, the scarcity of new vehicles means the price of those vehicles rises. The car manufacturers want and need, to make up some of their lost money somehow. Rising new-car costs also raise the cost of used vehicles. This is why prices in the used vehicle market have also exploded this year. 

There isn’t much a consumer can do to fix the auto shortage. But your best bet is to keep ahold of your current car. Now is not a good time to buy new or used vehicles. 

How can your mechanic help? 

Because of the auto shortage, it is smart to keep your current car. That means you need to put more effort into keeping it running. Your local mechanic can help with that. 

At Ethan’s Honest Automotive we offer all the vehicle services you need to keep your car in great shape. From oil changes, tune-ups, transmission services, and more, we do it all. 

It is important to bring your car to a mechanic on the recommended schedule. Scheduled maintenance can help solve big problems before they get out of hand. Regular oil changes and tire rotations are also crucial for the overall functioning of your vehicle. If you have a big problem, you should obviously bring the vehicle to your mechanic. But regular check-ups will also be key to keeping your car functioning in peak condition. 

The auto shortage is making it less cost-effective and convenient to purchase a new vehicle every year or two. Instead, many people are hanging on to their current cars for the foreseeable future. Mechanics are an essential part of this plan, as they keep your car running, especially as it gets older, and parts need to be replaced. 

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