How You Should Prepare Your Car For Your Summer Vacation

The heat of the summer, plus the inherent traffic issues of the season, both cause problems for your car. When you couple that with the wear and tear from the winter, it’s hard to know when your car will stop working. If you want to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, it is important to perform periodic maintenance. Use the following tips to guide you.

1. Take Care Of The Engine

There is typically more dust in the summer than in other seasons. As a result, it is often necessary to swap out your air, fuel, and other filters more often than normal. In addition, if you notice any problems while driving (for example, if the car seems to have less power or if it is stalling), visit Ethan’s Honest Automotive to have the vehicle checked out and adjusted.

2. Pay Attention To The Brakes

People tend to drive slower in the winter, particularly when there is snow or ice on the ground. As a result, your brakes may not be in the best shape heading into the summer. It is important to get them inspected in the spring; you can take a look at your brake pads if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, or if you see a problem, head in to see a mechanic.

3. Make Sure The AC Works

No one wants to be hot in the summer. Make sure you check out your air conditioning system before things really warm up. If the air isn’t very cool, you may need to add more refrigerant. Also, replacing the air filters is a crucial step to ensuring that the system is working effectively and efficiently. However, if that doesn’t solve the problem, head into Ethan’s Honest Automotive to figure out what’s going on.

4. Change The Oil

You may have heard that you should use heavy oil in the summer. While this advice was popular years ago, the statement itself isn’t true for newer vehicles. Instead, read your manual to determine what type of oil to use, and make sure you set up oil changes based on the recommended schedule. Ethan’s Honest Automotive is happy to help you get ready for the summer by making sure your vehicle’s oil needs are taken care of.

5. Go In For A Tune Up

Visit Ethan’s Honest Automotive and get a tune-up for your car. Doing so helps ensure that your vehicle is working at its full potential. That means you are less likely to break down or experience mechanical difficulties throughout the course of the summer.

Warmer weather is almost here. You’ve likely started thinking about vacation and all the activities that you want to participate in when it is nice outside. However, don’t forget about your car.. It isn’t easy for your vehicle to make the transition from the cold weather to hot weather. To avoid any problems, visit a professional and have your car looked at to determine whether it needs additional services.