How To Winterize Your Car

The harsh winter months can be difficult on even the most durable vehicles. Today’s cars were built to deal with snow, ice and rain, but there are a few things that you can do to help protect your car and prepare for the colder weather.

Make Sure The Battery Is Functioning Properly

When it is very cold outside, your battery may not work as well. This is particularly challenging because the engine relies on the battery even more than normal when it is very cold outside. As a result, you may walk out to your car one morning to discover that it simply will not start. Before you find yourself in this type of predicament, go in to a mechanic and have them check out your battery to see if it is in good working order. He can provide you with information and advice that can help you decide if you need to take any further action to get your battery ready for the winter.

Put On Winter Tires

You can certainly leave on your regular tires in the winter. However, because it gets very cold in Utah, it is best to put on winter tires to help you get through the season. Freezing temperatures make it difficult for regular tires to effectively grip the road. Winter tires function much better, which means you will have better traction when winter weather rears its ugly head.

Use The Correct Engine Oil

Cold weather causes engine oil to get thicker, which can cause problems for the engine. Always look through your owner’s manual to see if there is a certain type of oil that you need to use during the winter months. Since the temperature can dip down very low here in Utah, you may want to consider putting in an engine block heater. It will help you ensure that the engine oil doesn’t thicken too much.

Create An Emergency Kit

It is very practical to have an emergency kit in your car throughout the year. Make sure you have first aid supplies, flares and a jack, for instance. However, add to your kit before winter starts. Put in a flashlight, blanket and warm clothing like a hat. Keep a bag of sand in your trunk that you can use if your tires are not working well in the snow. Make sure you have an ice scraper and a shovel. Finally, store some non perishable food, as well as coolant. Tie the coolant off in a bag to make sure that it doesn’t leak in your car.

There are several ways to prepare your car for the winter, and it is not too late to get started. Unfortunately, the worst weather is yet to come here in Utah! While you may be able to winterize most of your vehicle on your own, Ethan’s Honest Automotive is here to help with all the tasks that you may not want to handle or may not know how to deal with on your own. Get in touch with us today!