Tire alignment also goes by the name wheel alignment. It is an important part of vehicle maintenance. When your tires are aligned, your entire vehicle gets better gas mileage and drives better. It can be hard to know when it’s time for an alignment, though. In the rest of this article, we explain the signs the tell you it’s time to have your wheels aligned. 

If you still have questions when you finish this article, bring your vehicle into Ethan’s Honest Automotive. We’d be happy to discuss wheel alignment more fully with you. 

What is alignment?

Alignment is a fancy term that refers to the process of adjusting your vehicle’s suspension system. The goal of alignment is to have all of your wheels contact the road properly. 

The suspension system is a crucial part of this process. Suspensions are the entire system that supports a vehicle’s wheels. The suspension ensures that you are not thrown around when you drive over bumps. But, the many parts of the suspension eventually get out of alignment. This happens through basic wear and tear and because of environmental conditions. When that occurs, the suspension needs to be realigned for the vehicle to drive properly again. 

What are the signs I need an alignment?

Once you know to look for them, there are very clear signs that your vehicle needs an alignment. The most common signs are as follows.

-Uneven wear on your tires.

A common sign that the suspension needs to be aligned is uneven wear on your tire tread. If the suspension is out of whack, your tires will not connect with the road at the proper angle. This leads some tires to wear on the inside or outside, which reduces the overall life of the tire.

-Pulling to the right or left.

Unaligned vehicles tend to pull to the right or left. There is an easy way to check for this issue. Let go of the wheel for a second when you are driving in a straight line. If your vehicle immediately turns to the left or the right, you need an alignment.

-The steering wheel is off-center.

In addition to pulling, steering wheel issues also occur with misaligned vehicles. If your vehicle is driving in a straight line but the wheel is off-center, you need an alignment.

-Vibration in the steering wheel.

The final steering wheel issue in misaligned vehicles is a strong vibration. The steering wheel may vibrate in your hands or feel like it is fighting you. This makes driving a chore and is a clear sign you need an alignment. 

If you notice any of the above signs, then you should bring your vehicle into Ethan’s immediately. Our experts will check your vehicle’s alignment and make any necessary adjustments. Additionally, most experts recommend bringing your vehicle in for a preventative alignment every three years. Doing this will ensure that nothing goes wrong with your suspension system or wheels. It can stop small alignment problems from becoming big issues. 

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