How to Check Your Oil Like a Pro

Checking the oil in your car is not a complicated procedure, but many people simply do not feel comfortable doing it on their own. However, the oil plays a vital role in keeping your vehicle’s engine in good working order. By checking it relatively often, you will be able to enjoy maximum performance for your car as long as possible. The good news is that it does not take long to check the oil, and you do not need any special tools. As long as you have a few paper towels and the manual for your vehicle, you will be able to complete this task in no time.

Dip Stick

First, make sure your engine is not hot and has been turned off for 15 minutes or so before you decide to check the oil. Remove the dip stick and clean it, using either a paper towel or some other type of rag. Check your car’s manual if you are not exactly sure where the dip stick is located, but keep in mind that it will likely have a red or orange plastic cap on it.

Once you are sure that the dip stick is clean, put it back inside the pipe. Make sure you get it to go all the way in, and then pull it back out again. You want to note how high up on the stick the oil is located. That will tell you how much you have remaining in the vehicle. You should also be able to tell if the oil is still good or not by examining it; keep in mind that color does not necessarily tell you much about the quality of the oil. A quick trick is to put a little bit on your finger and then to rub your fingers together. If you are left with some discoloration and splotching on your skin, you may have an issue.

Oil Change

If you determine that you do not have very much oil in the vehicle, or if you are concerned that the oil does not look right, head into Ethan’s Honest Automotive and ask for help. It may be time for an oil change. Do not forget to have your fluids topped off while you are at the shop!

Keeping an eye on the level of your oil and its quality is critically important to caring for your engine and extending the life of your vehicle. An easy way to remember is to try and check the oil after you get gas; every other fill up should do the trick. Not only will you help out your engine, but you’ll feel better about how well your vehicle is running overall.