Buying a new car is a big deal. There are a lot of makes and models and other aspects to consider. You want to make sure that you are getting the best care possible for your money. If you are a novice new car buyer, then make sure to follow the advice in this article. Here is everything your mechanic wished you knew about buying a new car. 

Advice from your mechanic when buying a new car

When buying a new car, here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind. Most of the tips below apply to buying a used vehicle, not a new one. New vehicles right out of the factory will have fewer mechanical problems, and so need a less thorough inspection before you purchase them. However, if you are looking are a used car, do the following things.

1.Do your own inspection.
Don’t just believe that a car has had an inspection. It is always best if you look over the car yourself before you buy it. This can give you peace of mind. It will also help you determine if there are any problems with the vehicle. An owner may try to sugarcoat or hide certain problems, like old tires or dead batteries. A thorough inspection of your own can uncover these issues.Additionally, make sure to ask for information and documentation (if it is available) of the car’s previous oil changes, scheduled maintenance, and tire rotation.

2.Take it for a test drive.
Another way to determine if there are any issues is to take the car out for a test drive. This is standard for any car purchase—whether it be a used or new car. The test drive will help you get a feel for the car and the way it drives. A test drive can also help you discover brake, suspension, alignment, and engine problems.Be nervous if you notice any shaking in the steering wheel, pulling to a single side of the road, or hear clunking. These are all indications of a major issue with the car.

3.Look for the most common repair issues.
Some car problems are more common than others. When you are purchasing a used car, you should look for signs of the following issues.

  • Air conditioning blowing warm or not working.
  • Weakened brakes. 
  • Oil or fluid leaks. 
  • Cracked windshield. 
  • Check engine light on. 
  • Speaker problems. 
  • Lights malfunctioning. 
  • A battery that is dead or low. 
  • Bad starter.

4.Use the internet
Whether you are buying a new or used car, the internet is your friend. Make sure to do your research below looking at specific cars in person. Google searches can alert you to the most common problems with specific makes, models, and years. You will also be able to find reviews of your preferred car. Going into a viewing and test drive armed with knowledge is the best way to ensure you purchase the best car available.

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