Quick lube shops are convenient and get a lot of customers because of it, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the right option for your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to last as long as possible, going directly to a mechanic is probably the better option. 

Here are three of the most important reasons you might want to go to your local mechanic instead of a quick lube shop the next time you need an oil change. 

Quick Lube Shops Often Aren’t Any Cheaper

Quick lube shops used to get a lot of customers because they were able to offer oil changes at a discount compared with what mechanics were charging. And because they were cheaper a lot of people didn’t mind that quick lube shops didn’t always offer the same quality service. 

But these days, between mechanics finding ways to lower their prices and a lot of quick lube shops raising theirs, you don’t really get much of a discount when you go to quick lube places. 

If you’re looking for a good deal, see if your mechanic has package offers or compare their prices with the local quick lube shop. Chances are, they either already offer the best possible price, or they’ll offer a good deal for an oil change with a tire rotation or an alignment. 

No Guarantee You’ll Get The Right Kind And Weight Of Oil

One of the problems with going to a quick lube shop is that you often don’t have as much control over the kind of oil they use, or they might only have one kind of oil available. 

Even if you get the right oil weight, which also isn’t a guarantee, you might get a different quality of oil than you would normally use. 

When you go to a mechanic they’ll have a wide range of different oils available, and if they don’t have the specific kind you’re asking for they’ll go out and get some or order it in for you. 

That way you have a lot more control over the kind of oil you’re getting and how long your engine is going to last. 

Your Mechanic Uses An Oil Filter Designed For Your Vehicle

One of the biggest differences between quick lube shops and your mechanic is the kind of oil filter you’re getting. 

A lot of quick lube places use a universal filter or near-universal filters that work for a wide variety of vehicles in a specific class. 

The problem is that those universal filters don’t necessarily do as good a job as the specialized filters your mechanic uses. 

When you schedule an oil change with your mechanic they’ll order the oil filter they need if they don’t already have it in stock, which helps ensure the best possible oil performance for your vehicle. 

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